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Attorney Me

Attorney Me

I’m an attorney, and I work for an international law firm with offices in the United States and throughout the world.

law firmWe practice in various fields—international law, corporate law, international wealth management, and international estate planning and probate. Also we practice personal injury law and German American law.

If you’re looking for the best law firm, I recommend our firm, of course!

If you’re here at this blog to look for info on becoming a corporate lawyer, I’m going to do an article on that soon. Or maybe someone will contribute one. I often get questions on that subject, including questions about a corporate law salary,corporate law schools, and corporate law jobs. So, like I said, I’ll get to that.

law firm personal injuryI’ll probably also include an article on personal injury law. I get questions on that, too—about personal injury settlements, personal injury claims, personal injury calculator, personal injury insurance—all that sort of thing. So probably a whole article on that would be in order.

So as you can tell, our firm has our fingers in a lot of pies. We handle hundreds of cases every year all over the world.

I think I mentioned already that I’m based in the U.S. My focus here is German American Law. My company has a German counterpart. Because I’m fluent in German, I do a lot of liaising between the two companies. I also do a lot of traveling back and forth to Germany.

Our counterpart offices are in Munich and Aachen.

So that’s where the German part of our law firm comes in.

I’d always known I wanted to be an attorney.

I did a lot of shadowing of some of the attorneys in firms and built relationships with them that continue to this day. Actually, they are key relationships now in my capacity as a liaison between the German firms at times and the firm I work for in the US.

So anyway, that’s a bit about me.

I’ve been with this current firm for several years now. Which I can’t actually believe. How could it already be so many years? Seems like just yesterday that I was shadowing other attorneys.