Hi guys. What’s up?

I’m Patricia Lee.

I’m an attorney and I work long days and I don’t have a lot of discretionary time. I also am a musician. I love music, life and recreation.

My work and my music are not very compatible. I mean, work just doesn’t leave me time to do everything I want to do. (And relationships? Forget it! There’s zero time for that!)

I have regular conversations with other professionals who find themselves in the same boat. Consumed with work and yet still trying to keep my music thing going.

I decided to start this blog as an inspirational/educational/motivational thing, aimed at professionals who are struggling to make hobbies and recreational activity a priority.

So that’s the purpose of this blog. I’d like it to be kind of a community effort, actually. In other words, I’d like to open it up for contributions from other people. Comments, guest blogs, photos, shared reference materials, shared relevant articles—stuff like that.

If you’re interested in being part of this, message me through the Contact form.

I’ll retain admin rights to the blog, so I’ll approve blogs before they post so that I can weed out the whackos. It’s a family-friendly site, so I don’t want any offensive, insulting or degrading stuff on it.

So anyway, that’s my vision for this blog. It’s a bit crazy to be starting this because I don’t feel like there’s enough time to do my exercising, let alone keep up a blog about that topic. But I also believe that it could be an important thing for myself and for others.

And I believe that if you focus on the important things, the other stuff of life will fall into place.

I saw a visual on this once. A guy had two bowls full of rocks—one bowl of little rocks and a bowl of big rocks. He took a glass vase and filled it with all the little rocks first. Then he added the bigger rocks. They didn’t all fit in. The bigger rocks were piled high above the top of the vase and he still had more big rocks in the bowl.

Then he dumped all the rocks out and started again.

The second time around, he put all the big rocks into the vase first. They fit in without piling above the top of the vase. Then he added the little rocks, which trickled down into all the spaces between the big rocks, and filled the vase.

He put all of the little rocks in, and they didn’t go above the top of the vase.

In other words, by putting in the big rocks first and then adding the little rocks, all the rocks fit into the vase.

It was an illustration about priorities. Focus on the big stuff you need/want in your life, and the little stuff will fit in without doing backflips.

Work and hobbies are the big rocks in my life. I believe when I fit those into my life well, the little life stuff will get done just fine.