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Delta Theta Phi is a professional law fraternity and a member of the Professional Fraternity Association. Delta Theta Phi can trace its roots to 1900 at then-named Cleveland Law School. Delta Theta Phi boasts student members who are leaders in their school, law reviews, moot court, and more. Delta Theta Phi boasts alumni members who are leaders in the legal community, judiciary, industry, business, and many related fields. After more than 30 years with its headquarters in Ohio, Delta Theta Phi is now headquartered at Campbell University, Norman A. Wiggins School of Law, in North Carolina. Delta Theta Phi is the only law fraternity with an authoritatively recognized law review, The Adelphia Law Journal.

Delta Theta Phi Mission Statement
To foster lifelong friendships and professional affiliations through legal education, international networking, and mutual respect.

Bar Review:
Nov. 20 | Thur. | 8:00pm
50 Days (More like 30 Days) Party @ Mullet's

Upcoming Events:

Come Eat Chili! (For Belize Dance Marathon)

Date: November 25, 2014, 11:00am-12:30pm
Location: 2500 University
Details: 5 for all you can eat chili
If you have any interest in entering a pot of chili contact me by either on Facebook or at jordan.hutchinson@drake.edu
The winner will have their name engraved on The Golden Spoon and take home a $20 gift card to George Chili King!

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